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For Schools

SPECIAL SCREENINGS FOR SCHOOLS, GROUPS AND BIRTHDAY PARTIES School performances, group or company events (minimum 10 people) as well as birthday parties are possible at any time. Book your special screening today! We can also help, if older movies have to be ordered. Please note that we need 14 days to organize the special screening for you. Just write to us and we will see what we can do for you! To contact us, please send an e-mail to F.Andersson@corso-kino.com To be able to organize the screening for you, we need the following information from you: - Name of the movie (see suggestions on our list below or mention the movie o your choice) - Movie version: English OV without subtitles, English OV with German subtitles, English OV with English subitles, English OV with other subtitles or any other language with or without subtitles - Date of preference - Time of preference - Number of people / number of students + number of accompanying persons - Name of school (if you make a booking for your students) Prices for schools: • up to 11 students: 7,20 € • 11-19 students: 6,50 € • 20 – 100 students: 5,00 € • more than 101 students: 4,00 € • 3D movies: 3,00 € surcharge/person • For teachers, admission is always free! Prices for birthday parties: • up to 16 persons: 180,00 € (including 1 drink and 1 popcorn - sweet or salted) • more than 16 persons: plus 10,00 €/person (including 1 drink and 1 popcorn) • 3D movies: 3,00 € surcharge/person MOBILE PHONE FOR TEACHERS AND GROUPS ONLY: 0176-82042512 The medium film influences our everyday live in many ways! Whether it is from the moving pictures on TV or the rapid montages of video clips or movies. Therefore, the analysis of films in schools is obvious and important. Films may ease and enrich the education. They convey in a complex way of life moments and, for example, bring other regions and cultures closer. We see a way of living, we experience a life rhythm, we hear another language, other everyday sounds and music, and we perceive different. Through various upgrades in the Corso Cinema International, it is now possible to offer about 5,000 films for school performances. You can choose classics, new films, documentaries or even cult films to support the lessons. Current films can usually only be shown in the original version. Movies that are older than 20 weeks can be shown in Spanish, Italian, and French or in any other language. For these films you can select whether it will be shown with or without subtitles. For more information (Trailers&Content) about the movies please check out: IMDB.com