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CINEPROG... macht Lust auf Ihr Kino!

Cineprog bietet einen einzigartigen Funktionsumfang; wegweisende responsive Webseiten, die sich automatisch an jede Bildschirmgröße anpassen; kinderleichte Bedienung; kostengünstige, hochwertige Kinoflyer; das ciMis-Monitorinformations-System (Digital Signage) - und vieles mehr! » to the website


"Maulwurf" translates to "Mole", as in the little furry animal that digs long underground tunnels. It's impossible to say where our Maulwurf got its name. Maybe because the beer cellar is underground? Or Because the mole is such a cute little guy? We may never know for sure...One thing we know, though: bars have come and gone, Maulwurf has been a Vaihingen watering hole for years. In 2007, Andreas and Barbara took the helm and refurbished their bar, carefully preserving its character. It is a place for everyone: university students and professionals, locals and new arrivals, regulars, and passers-by - simply put: people who enjoy good food and bar culture.We love football and show all games of VfB Stuttgart. That still leaves room for literary matinees, live music, art exhibitions, and whisky tastings.We take great pride in our selection of regional and international beers, both draft and bottled. Our fine choice of whiskies will put a smile on the faces of amateurs and connoisseurs alike. Moreover, there are juices, coffee specialties, and wines.Our food menu is not huge but it offers tasty food from near and far, and we do things the way they should be done... » to the website

Stuttgart Expats

Welcome to Stuttgart Expats, we live in Stuttgart, we’re expats, and we meet up. What’s not to like? We are predominantly English speaking expats living in Stuttgart. Join us and meet some great new friends in Stuttgart! » to the website